Learning About Religious Organizations

Learning About Religious Organizations

4 Cancer Fundraising Ideas

by Dale Graham

No one wants to be diagnosed with cancer, but it's a fact of life that many are. Regardless of your age or status in life, it's a possibility that this unwanted disease can come knocking on your door. If you've been faced with cancer, you may be more motivated than ever to want to start a fundraising event. Knowing some ideas to help you gather cancer donations can be extremely helpful for you.

Idea #1: Opt for a backyard concert

Do you have members of your family that are good at singing or playing a musical instrument? If so, you will want to consider having a backyard concert to gather people of all ages.

Charging a small amount to attend this event can enable you to put this money in a cancer account, and this is sure to be helpful to some others.

Idea #2: Organize a marathon

If you enjoy exercising and know a lot of others in your area that does as well, you may want to organize a marathon. This can allow the participants to get money from others for each mile walked or ran. 

Many people are willing to participate and donate to such a worthy cause, and this is an excellent way to make it happen.

Idea #3: Have a book sale

If you love to read and have tons of books lying around, you can put these to good use. Simply put the books up for sale or have a garage sale and advertise it in your local newspaper.

This can alert others to the fact that you have these treasures for sale and that any money will be donated towards cancer patients or research. Mentioning this fact is sure to be the key to getting your books sold in the shortest amount of time.

Idea #4: Host a bake sale

There's nothing like having a fresh cake, cookies, or a pie for dessert. Taking the time to bake many of these goodies and having a sale at your local grocery store can help you raise money for people living with cancer.

Taking the time to think of things you can do to help find a cure for cancer or help others living with this horrible disease is time well-spent. Be sure to work with an organization like New Creation Ministries in your area for support and other tips for raising money for this fantastic cause!


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