Learning About Religious Organizations

Learning About Religious Organizations

Teach Kids To Make A Good Samaritan Helpfulness Kit In Sunday School

by Dale Graham

Teaching Sunday school classes is one of the most rewarding jobs that one can have. You have the opportunity and privilege to shape how children relate to their spirituality, and how you speak about God and the Bible will have an impact on how children relate to these important aspects of the religion that their parents are raising them in. While adults may go to Baptist church services in the main sanctuary of the church, you can be teaching children about the Bible with this fun and educational craft: the Good Samaritan Helpfulness Kit.

First, read the story of the Good Samaritan to the children in your Sunday school class. Engage in a discussion about what the story truly means and open up about how kids should help out others even if they aren't popular. Then ask children what sort of things they can do to help others throughout their day. Then tell every child that they can make their own Good Samaritan Helpfulness Kit to empower them to help other people. Follow these instructions:

  1. Give each child seven small sheets of paper, six small envelopes, and one larger envelope that has room for all six of the small envelopes.
  2. Tell each child to use the first sheet of paper to write down the six most important way that each individual child can help others. Allow the children to make their own list, but supervise their lists and make suggestions to guide them. For example, a tall child may be able to help other kids who can't reach something on a shelf, while a child with a singing talent may be able to sing to inspire older people.
  3. Once the list is completed and the final decisions are made for each child regarding the six things they want to commit to doing to help others, instruct the child to write each helpful way on one of their small envelopes. Keep it simple. You may want to encourage children to use a different color to write on each different envelope. Improvise and help your kids as you see fit when it comes to encouraging their creativity.
  4. Now have the children take their six remaining sheets of paper, and they should title each sheet of paper to match one of the envelopes. This label should be at the top of the page. For each page beneath the primary title, children should come up with simple situations in which they can be helpful. For example, if the child has mentioned that they want to be kind to stray animals, the child may want to volunteer for a local shelter with their parents' approval, leave out water for animals that are spotted near their house, or help find homes for strays.
  5. Encourage the children to list at least two or three things on each page to start. Let them know that they can add more action descriptions to this page, and they should also add additional pages later on as they discover more ways that they can help others.
  6. Tell the children to put the pages into the matching envelopes as they complete them.
  7. Once the child has completed the process for all six topics and put the papers in all six envelopes, instruct them to bring out the big envelope.
  8. Tell the children that this big envelope is the cover for their Good Samaritan Helpfulness Kit. Now is the time for kids to get really creative. Hand out such things as glitter, sequins, sparkly pens, stickers, and other craft tools. Bible-themed and cross stickers would be a welcome addition. Be sure that each kid prints out the four words that identify the kit for what it is, a Good Samaritan Helpfulness Kit. Beyond that, let the children have freedom in decorating their kit.
  9. Once the children have finished decorating the big envelope, let it dry as needed, then instruct kids to put their six smaller envelopes in the big one. Tell them that they should try to use their Good Samaritan Helpfulness Kit at least once per day as inspiration to do something good for others. Encourage them to add to each sheet of paper as they think of more ways that they can be kind.

Finally, keep in mind that this craft is just right for Sunday school classes in a Baptist church like New Gethsemane Baptist Church. It conveys a positive lesson and helps children associate positive feelings with an important lesson of the Bible. Empowering children to feel happy about their religion can be a gift that keeps giving to them throughout their entire life. 


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